Musical Theatre

While I can’t honestly say musical theatre was my first love in the musical world, it is definitely my biggest love. I didn’t discover musical theatre as an artist until my mid twenties. I knew I loved making music with people and when I got a call out of the blue to play for Into the Woods I knew I had to say yes. Tackling Sondheim as my first show had its pros and cons for sure, but it totally won me over and because of it I’m a lifelong Sondheim fan.

Theatre Experience

Music Directing

A Little Night Music – winter 2020

Evil Dead: The Musical – fall 2019

Not the Count of Monte Cristo – summer 2019

The Sound of Music – spring 2016


The Events – fall 2017

I Do! I Do! – fall 2010

Thoroughly Modern Millie – 2010

The Music Man – spring 2009

Into The Woods – spring 2008

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