As of summer 2022 I am teaching in person and online lessons.

Click here to go to my Google site and read some reviews from my students.

Because of my musical theatre schedule there are some months I do not teach lessons. I understand that doesn’t work for everyone. If you contact me I am happy to chat with you and see if we would be a good fit.

I believe music always has something for us. It doesn’t matter if you engage simply by turning on some tunes while you clean the house or if you’re delving into learning classical literature. We all can benefit and enjoy music in our own ways.

The study of music is an adventure. There is so much to it. After over 30 years of learning and playing I still have so far to go. That’s one of the joys about it, for sure. I have yet to meet a musician who is “done.” We don’t get there, thankfully.

So what are my goals in teaching? Many things:

  • To cultivate the love of music
  • To give empowerment and confidence
  • To provide a way to authentically express one’s self
  • To share my knowledge and joy of music

The Details

What content is covered in lessons?

  • Note identification on the keyboard and on the staff
  • Scales, chords, technique
  • Theory
  • Songs – so many genres! All depends on what the student wants to learn!
  • Playing by ear
  • Composing your own songs
  • Sight reading
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